Monday, May 18, 2009

PSSST holds 12th national scientific conference

The Philippine Society of Soil Science and Technology (PSSST), the country’s national professional organization of soil scientists and soil practitioners, is holding its 12th Annual Meeting and Scientific Conference on 20-23 May 2009 at Eden Nature Park and Resort, a beautiful man-made resort on the slopes (about 800 m asl) of Mount Talomo, Toril, Davao City.

The conference which aims to meet the challenges in enhancing soil productivity and environmental quality, reflects the state of the art of soil research, development, extension and policy support in the Philippines. It provides an excellent forum for the exchange of research findings and scientific ideas among established and young soil scientists and soil practitioners working at the various universities, colleges, research centers, and government agencies.

I wish to congratulate the officers led by Dr. Danny Mendoza and the members of the society for organizing this very important activity. I hope most members will be able to attend despite the difficult economic situation we are all in right now.

One person deserves a special mention: Dr. Neo Manguiat. It's largely because of his guidance and support that PSSST has been very successful as a professional organization.

The current PSSST officers are: Dr. D.M. Mendoza, President; Ms. C.G. Mangao, Vice-President; Dr. V.M. Padilla, Secretary; Ms. C.D. Bacatio, Tresurer; Dr. P.P. Juico, Auditor; Dr. C.A. Asis, Jr., PRO; Ms. R.N. Atienza, Business Manager; Ms. E.F. Javier, Dr. C.P. Laurea, Dr. E.P. Paningbatan, Jr., Dr. P.B. Sanchez, Mr. M.M. Marquez, Board Members; and Dr. C.P. Mamaril and Dr. I.J. Manguiat, Advisers. Ms. B.C. Magno, Ms. A.C. Marca, and Ms. A.T. Guy, Liaison Officers.

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